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Become a Coach

We provide the resources.  You provide the expertise.


Our Vision

MSP+OS is more than just about following a system.  It is about providing the tools and resources available to adapt that system to each company to help them achieve their unique vision and goals and to elevate the MSPs and ITSPs we work with.  It's also about working together, continuously learning, and becoming better each day.

We draw from various frameworks to provide a comprehensive coaching platform for our clients.  We've developed, and continue to develop, new tools and resources to help our clients and believe that coaching is not a destination, but rather a journey.

And yes, sometimes our coaching borders consulting. We are ok with that.  We don't draw hard and fast lines in the sand.  We are, after all, about helping our clients and continuing to provide value.  This is why ConnectStrat clients grow 4x faster than the industry average and why they continue to stay with us while they may "graduate" from other systems.

Why Coach With MSP+OS?

Focus your time and energy on your clients, not your admin!

The MSP+OS System

We provide the entire coaching system, along with agendas, exercises, and an entire library of IP and resources required to support your coaching clients.  This includes training on all tools and access to the technology we use to deliver our coaching sessions.

Marketing Support

MSP+OS actively markets through partnerships, speaking engagements, thought leadership, and campaigns.  These marketing efforts support brand awareness and may often result in leads, though we encourage our coaches to "self-promote" as well as participate in our engagements when possible.


Finance and Accounting
Our support team will handle all payment and accounting services so you can focus on your coaching.  We also provide professional liability insurance to cover all of your MSP+OS coaching engagements.


Peer Support

When you join the MSP+OS team you are not on your own.  We have biweekly coaching calls and a dedicated Teams channel for coach communication and support.  We elevate each other.

Assigned Accountability Administrator
This is our "secret sauce".  When you join MSP+OS, you also get assigned an "Accountability Admin" to handle all of your administrative functions. This includes Client onboarding and communication, meeting preparation, updating of coaching and client tools, monitoring of session activities and action items, meeting scheduling, and other supporting functions.  The Accountability Admin frees you up to simply "show up and coach", allowing you to maximize your value and time spent with your clients.

Our Values

Humbly Confident

We are well spoken, well read continuous learners with a depth of knowledge in our industry. Although we are experienced leaders, we never feel the need to be the smartest person in the room.


We are not lone wolves. We are dependable and have the backs of each other and our clients. We know that we do more together than we could have accomplished individually.


While we need to make a living, we know it isn't about the money. We are here because we love what we do and we seek opportunities to pay it forward and live with an attitude of gratitude.

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