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Leadership Training

Accelerating Leaders.  Accelerating Growth.


Why Develop your Leaders?

There is a direct correlation between your external effectiveness and your internal reality as a leader. How are you going about developing yourself and bettering your best?

ConnectStrat Leadership Training offers intensive programs designed around the following framework to help leaders (and leaders-to-be) improve and develop themselves so they can improve and develop their teams in turn, and ultimately, the company they serve.

Professional Presentation

Emerging Leaders

Designed by leaders, for leaders, this program takes participants through an intensive journey to explore and develop their strengths and challenges in leading and managing teams

  • Group Coaching

  • 3-Day Training

  • Target Audience: Middle Managers and aspiring Leaders 

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President Masterclass

A custom-designed, highly interactive and facilitative program that provides a learning environment for experienced leaders who want to excel at the highest leadership level.

  • Group Coaching

  • 1-Week Class

  • Target Audience: CEOs, Presidents, Senior Executives

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1:1 Executive Coaching

An intensive leadership development program that creates self-awareness, helps drive transformational change, and provides critical challenge and support.   It aims to build a collaborative relationship between the coach and the leader

  • One-on-one Coaching

  • 1 to 2-Year Program

  • Target Audience: CEOs, Presidents, Senior Executives

Are you ready to grow your dream business with ConnectStrat?

Life is short and your dreams are too important to put on hold.  Let's start your journey today!

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