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Self-Implementer Groups

A new, low-cost support offering for those self-implementing EOS


ConnectStrat Groups are an innovative way for you to "DIY EOS" in a peer group setting, faster and better than "DIY alone"

A ConnectStrat Self-Implementation group is for you if are considering, planning, or already active in self-implementing EOS in your organization. This means you are in the “do-it-yourself” (DIY) category and do not plan to hire a Professional EOS Implementer at this time.


All Groups Include:

Peer Learning/Coaching

A group coaching experience for business owners self-implementing EOS, delivered live, online via a monthly session

Structured Agenda

  • Check-in and share your EOS Journey

  • Monthly theme on a specific EOS tool with group discussion

  • Bring your own issues to the group for "IDS"

  • Pose questions in the group meeting

  • Accountability option within each group

Support and Facilitation

  • Private member Q&A

  • Licensed EOS Implementer for each meeting

  • EOS content from the Five Traction Library books and the downloadable EOS tools

  • Peer collaboration in between group meetings

Satisfaction Guaranty

Pay as you go with no contracts or commitments, as long as you find value.  First meeting is free!


Note: The terms “Traction” and “EOS” are used by permission of EOS Worldwide, the trademark owner. ConnectStrat group services comply with all EOS Worldwide policies and guidelines.


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