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PPP Loan Forgiveness Template

Free tool from FinSync

Currently, there has been little information issued on how the forgiveness provisions will work, so here is a template with calculations to give us some level of guidance and help you maximize PPP loan forgiveness.

Managing your PPP Loan for Maximum Forgiveness

Article by Rayanne Buchianico

Take these steps to manage your PPP loan proceeds for maximum forgiveness especially if you have missed our interactive Q&A with Rayanne.

Work from Home Report

Free tool from TTI

ConnectStrat is pleased to bring you this complementary "Working from Home Assessment and Remote Tips" report, customized for your own personal style and natural behaviors. Please allow an uninterrupted block of 15 minutes to take this assessment. Your results will be delivered immediately.

Financial Model Template

Budget - Forecast/Actual - Cash Flow

This is a very simple version of a model we recommend to our clients. Create and lock in a budget, duplicate to manage actual and forecast, and manage your weekly cash!

Ask a Strategic Coach Transparent


May 21, 2020

Ask a Strategic Coach

Are you an ITSP and have questions over the legal implications of opening up? How are you influencing your customers and clients to behave in a safe way while in your establishments? Requiring employees to travel to at-risk areas? How about your business contracts?

Join us as Brad and our Strategic Business Coaches tackle critical questions about how best to return to work while mitigating risk for your staff, clients and communities.

May 7, 2020

Ask a Strategic Coach

You’ve received your Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding. Now what? How do you track it from an accounting standpoint? What can you legitimately spend it on? What paperwork will you need to produce for the best chance of loan forgiveness?

Rayanne Buchianico is the owner of ABC Solutions, LLC providing complete accounting, business, and tax consulting services to IT Professionals in the United States and abroad. She is here to discuss managing PPP funds and other PPP accounting-related questions.


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