Vision without Execution is Hallucination

Thomas Edison is credited with this quote, which some also claim originated as a variation on an ancient Japanese proverb "Vision without action is a daydream." Regardless of who was credited beforehand, I personally credit my mentor, Arlin Sorensen, for it only driving that concept into my head, but ensuring I had the tools to execute through HTG Peer Groups.

How do you achieve your Vision?

If you are anything like me, a visionary entrepreneur, you probably have a thousand great ideas. At least you think you do. You've probably landed on one that you've developed into a business, most through a tremendous amount of sweat equity, pushing through on gut and feel. You have started to feel the challenges of growth, scaling and having to execute through people. You can't do everything yourself.

If you are even more like me, you aren't a great operator. You have become good enough at it to get to where you are, but now you feel drained trying to ensure everyone has their eye on the ball.

The Realization

One day several years ago I had this realization that I'd lost my passion. I couldn't connect the dots between what I was doing day to day and the vision that had driven me to build my company. I needed a system to connect those dots, and the people to execute that system.


EOS is an incredible tool for visionary entrepreneurs to Execute on their Vision. When I placed someone more competent and passionate about the daily operation of my business in the right seat, then worked the system together, my vision came to life. People understood what they were working towards and rowing together to get there.

If you are struggling to see your vision come to life, and you question your organization's ability to execute, look into EOS. It brings Execution to your Vision, no Hallucination.


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