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Shape the Future of Your Leadership: Develop Your Leaders, Unleash Their Potential, Amplify Their Impact!

ConnectStrat presents


October 11-13, 2023

Face-to-face class

Las Vegas

Individual   $2,250 per person*

CS Client     $1,850 per person*

Application deadline:

September 29, 2023

*Does not include travel and accommodation. Lunch and break meals provided

Who will benefit?

Aspiring leaders: MSP Individuals who are looking to step into leadership roles.

Newly appointed leaders: Individuals who have recently been promoted to a leadership role.

Successful Manager

Overwhelmed mid-level leaders seeking to understand the core components of effective leadership.

Glenn Bergsma.png

Glenn Bergsma FAICD

Background and Experience

For over two decades, Glenn Bergsma has been an instrumental force in the realm of leadership development, catalyzing the transformative growth of companies and their leaders from nimble tech startups and SMEs to robust global giants across Australasia and North America. Glenn's profound international and cross-cultural insights are married with a dedication to forging leaders of distinction and caliber. With specialties in strategy execution, immersive leadership training, and adept change management, Glenn crafts a pathway not just towards mere results but towards leadership evolution and sustained organizational ascent. His strategic and hands-on approach has been the cornerstone of countless leadership journeys, steering them towards new pinnacles of achievement and influence. 

What sets Glenn apart is his unwavering focus on the execution and realisation of business strategy.  His experience spans multiple cultures throughout Australasia and North America in the following areas:


  • Leadership development & coaching 

  • Strategic planning & change management

  • Organisational design & culture

Glenn holds several leadership roles on boards, including:

  • Chairman of YouthCARE, a chaplaincy provider to over 500 schools across WA.

  • Chairman of Alta-1 College in WA and QLD, an education provider to some of Australia’s most at-  risk youth.

  • Chairman of McCrindle, a leading research and data analytics firm.

  • Executive Chairman of Dear Storyteller & Lush - a creative agency specialising in communication  and marketing.

Meet your Coach

What You'll Learn from the Program

Why settle for mediocrity when investing in a comprehensive leadership development program can unlock the true potential of your company? 

This three-day accelerated leadership development opportunity is uniquely designed to jumpstart your leadership journey with this highly interactive, practical learning opportunity for middle managers and aspiring leaders committed to developing themselves, their teams and ultimately the company they serve. By the end of this program, participants should be able to:


Have a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses as a leader


Improve the way they influence their teams,


Define personal leadership and life goals through selfevaluation and dialogue


Identify the basis for effective leadership within their organisation


Develop key aspects of transformational leadership in practice


Walk away with a 12-month leadership development plan.


Course Content


​By focusing on developing the leader within, individuals can enhance their prioritization and time-management skills while cultivating emotional intelligence.


​By recognizing the importance of team roles and development, leveraging the strength in diversity, and implementing effective team performance planning, organizations can enhance their overall team effectiveness and achieve successful outcomes.


​By aligning leadership development with organizational goals, fostering enterprise thinking, and honing decision-making skills for managing change, individuals can drive strategic growth and facilitate successful organizational transformations.

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