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Big news!
ConnectStrat is now part of MSP+OS

On November 1st, 2023, a significant merger took place between ConnectStrat, Sierra Pacific Group, Stack Advisors, XPM2, and Delta Vida to form the largest IT consultancy in the sector.  Visit our new site at for all the details!

Are your resources aimed in different directions?

Do you have an unclear plan for success?

Do you feel you are constantly fighting fires?

Are you stuck, overwhelmed, and struggling to grow?

Working Together
We get it!

Let's face it, owning and running a technology company is tough. We've been there!  We can not only sympathize with what happens in your business, we can truly empathize because we've likely been through very similar situations and can help guide you to come out on top.  We can help!  We work exclusively with MSPs, ITSPs, CSPs, and others in the technology space.  It's what we are great at and what we love to do!

Each member of our team brings a wealth of leadership, expertise, and industry experience.  We have bought and sold ITSPs, built channel programs, and run divisions of large companies.  We've collectively worked with hundreds of companies. 

Our simple 4-step process

The foundation of MSP+OS is based on 4 Pillars:  Vision, Strategy, Execution, and Impact.  By leveraging our operating system coupled with an array of tools curated over time we can help you grow your dream business and continually break through ceilings in people, process, and profit.


Getting your leadership team 100% aligned on who you are and where you are going.


Working with your team to focus, prioritize, and align on how you are going to accomplish the vision.


Helping your leaders to become disciplined and accountable, executing well to achieve every part of the vision.


Intentionally planning to invest yourself in a way that is fulfilling and leaves a significant impact.

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Dewayne Chappel

The experience has been eye opening for us.  It has given us a clear vision and framework of how to manage and grow the business.  We now look forward to meetings and getting things done!

Chris Edwards
Valley Expetec

This has been transformational!  We had been in business for over 20 years without a clear vision and defined framework of how to manage and grow our business.  Our growth is now exponential!

Frank Debenedetto
Two River Technology Group

This has without doubt helped with the vision and guidance we needed to get to the next level.  We are now driving profits that are nearly double industry standards!

Are you ready to grow your dream business with MSP+OS?

Life is short and your dreams are too important to put on hold.  Let's start your journey today!

Not quite ready to talk to a guide?

Take our complementary business assessment to see where you stand across our 4 pillars

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